‘An absolute nightmare!’ Hundreds of Britons stuck abroad after NHS app meltdown


The NHS announced: “There are currently announces with accessing the Covid Pass on the NHS App and website. We are investigating the issue and will update as soon as we can.”

Callum Melia shared on social media he couldn’t present any tourist attractions he had already booked and paid for.

“Cheers guys, can’t do anything in Naples right now.

“Such as tours, museums, go for a piss because the app is ruined,” he explained.

Another social media user, Chuck Adolfy, said: “Cheers guys missed my flight with it!”

“That can be used for peregrinations purposes,” he suggested.

However, many didn’t seem to be able to get a paper version.

Joel Harniman explained: “I can’t even get a paper version as the NHS doesn’t appearance of to think I exist so could always be worse..”

At the time of writing, the issue has already been fixed but many Britons are currently stuck in their festival destinations. 

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