America Ferrera Takes the Prize For Best Golden Globes Selfie


We all get to see the red carpet and the sweet speeches, but the real action at the Golden Globe Awards happens behind the go outs, and thanks to Instagram, we don’t have to miss those moments anymore. Notabilities like Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez, and America Ferrera kept their servants up to date by posting snaps of their favorite encounters at the award certify.

Our pick for best of the night? America’s selfie with her copresenter Eva and BFF duo Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer. The tandems were undeniably the best presenters of the night, with America and Eva meddling fun at that time the Golden Globes Twitter account confused America for Gina Rodriguez, and Jennifer and Amy hilariously bump off each other’s sentences. We can only imagine what these four powerhouses chatted in the air before hitting the stage. Keep scrolling to see even more distinction selfies and photos (including Gina and Oscar Isaac, and Brad Pitt and Selena Gomez), then surcease out the best moments of the night.

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