Amber Heard gifts divorce cash to charity


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Amber Caught has confirmed she’s donating her £5.4million divorce settlement to charity

The actress, 30, styles that she is dividing the full amount equally between the American Civilized Liberties Union, specifically to prevent violence against women, and the Kids’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

She said: “As described in the restraining order and divorce resolution, money played no role for me personally and never has, except to the extent that I could for it to charity and, in doing so, hopefully help those less able to argue for themselves.”

The Justice League star, who ended her union with the Plagiarists Of The Caribbean actor, 53, in May and swiftly gained a restraining order against him, privately settled her acrimonious divide case with the star on Tuesday.

This affirmation ended the estranged couple’s 15-month marriage after weeks of applications of domestic violence by Amber and counterclaims of financial blackmail by Johnny.

Reinforcing the settlement, the exes released a joint statement calling their relationship “intensely quarrelsome and at times volatile but always bound by love,” adding that “there was at no time any intent of physical or emotional harm”.

The ir originally met while co-starring in the 2011 covering The Rum Diary. They began dating a year afterwards and married in February 2015.


P Diddy and Cassie VenturaFILMMAGIC

P Diddy reportedly lured being dumped by his girlfriend Cassie Ventura really badly

Rapper big noise P Diddy reportedly took being dumped by his girlfriend of 10 years so atrociously that police got involved.

Sources close to the multimillionaire, 46, say he allegedly mislaid his cool on a car journey with his 29-year-old rtner Cassie Ventura after the balladeer said she wanted out of the relationship.

Diddy, real name Sean Combs, is influenced to have grabbed her phone to scroll through her messages and began an touch-and-go row. He then jumped out the car – phone still in hand – while Cassie studied off with the driver.

Cassie reported the incident as theft to the police, although by the duration they arrived she dropped the charges because the rapper returned her phone.


Viewers who adapted in to watch Sarah Harding, 34, on This Morning, raised eyebrows nearby her new look.

The former Girl’s Aloud star, who appeared on the breakfast eclipse yesterday to promote her new role in the musical remake of the classic film Ghost, spill the beaned the show’s host Anita Rani she never has and never would go below the surgeon’s knife.

She added: “As we’re getting older we all start to become a tiny more insecure. We should embrace it!”

However scores of viewers hastily took to social media to share their surprise.

Sarah Harding in March / Sarah yesterdayGETTY • KEN MCKAY • ITV • REX • SHUTTERSTOCK

Sarah (in March, formerly larboard, and yesterday, right) said she never would go under the surgeon’s knife

“I didn’t reciprocate recognise Sarah Harding on This Morning, Where’s the Girls Aloud frail gone?” questioned one Twitter user.

Another stated: “She looks soooo unusual.” While another asked: “Sarah, is that you?”

In 2011 Sarah give the word delivered he regretted having lip fillers earlier that year: “It was a very silly billy thing to do.”


Natalie PortmanGETTY

Natalie Portman claims she hates watching herself on small screen

Natalie Portman has joined the long line of Hollywood stars that declare they hate watching themselves on screen.

The actress, 35, whose make restitution for her directorial debut with A Tale Of Love And Darkness, in which she also flexibilities the main character’s mother, says: “I think [directing] was good for me because normally I can’t of myself at all… [it] makes me cringe – I cover my face. It’s very hard to clock. I think people who aren’t in film experience that when they consent their voice on an answering machine or something.

“So to have to watch myself in a way that was constructively serious was really good… it made me a little bit more easy on myself because I wasn’t sanctioned to walk away screaming.”

The Black Swan star says this doesn’t stingy she’ll start watching her old movies. “No. That will never happen,” she sums.

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