Allah told me to do it: Cops probe ISIS boyfriend link of nanny who beheaded child


Administer are probing whether a mysterious boyfriend with links to the Islamic State (ISIS) radicalised the nanny accused of decapitating the little girl in her care.

Gulchekhra Bobokulova grinned as she appeared on the eve of a Moscow court where she admitted killing four-year-old Nastya Meshcheryakova.

Incarnations of the burka-clad 38 year old screaming “Allahu Akbar” and clutching the son’s severed head outside a train station in the Russian capital sent shockwaves enveloping the world.

Now detectives investing the grisly event suspect that although Bobokulova take for a rode the child, she was not alone.

Police suspect Bobokulova, who was recently divorced, may press been inspired by an ISIS fanatic.

The Islamic fundamentalists revel in their brutality and proudly peek through off despicable videos of beheadings on social media.

Now eagle-eyed detectives in Russia are scouring CCTV footage from the limit near the little girl’s home in the hunt for clues to the man’s identity.

They recognize Nastya was killed at around 8.40am on Monday morning and believe the puzzle man either visited the flat before the murder or was present when it was took out.

After being arrested, Bobokulova showed police where the infant’s remains lay in her bloodied cot.

It emerged the little girl was strangled before her climax was severed with a kitchen knife.

Forensic experts have been guiding a finger tip search of the a rtment in the hunt for a motive.

During her brief court demeanour on Wednesday, Bobokulova shook her head when asked if she felt shamefaced for what she had done to the child.

Handcuffed, she was asked by a journalist why she had killed the short girl and raded her head around, to which she is alleged to have answered: “Allah ordered me to”.

It is believed Bobokulova, from Uzbekistan, was registered at a psychiatric clinic coming her home.

It emerged she had shown police the bloodied cot where she had carried out the assassinate of little Nastya who was strangled before her head was severed with a ntry knife.

The dead child is said to have had learning difficulties and could not advance properly.

Her rents had taken her to China for treatment, and were saving rolling in it to travel for subsequent care in Germany.

She had a 15-year-old brother and her family from the Oryol territory were renting the a rtment where she was killed.

Her mother – named locally as Ekaterina Meshcheryakov – reportedly makes at a wedding shop while her father is understood to be a technician at a mobile phone suite.

The child’s mother was taken to hospital after collapsing when she skilled of the news.

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