All the Awards Leonardo DiCaprio Has Been Nominated For – and Who He Lost To


Leonardo DiCaprio is one of bestowal season’s greatest treasures. Every few years, he is in a major movie, engages nominated for a handful of awards, inevitably loses an Academy Award to Forest Whitaker or George Clooney, then resurfaces to the set to try, try again. This year, he’s up for several prestigious awards for his incredibly try role in The Revenant, for which he’s already won a Golden Globe. Does that degenerate he’ll finally take home an Oscar? Not necessarily. As you’ll see scrolling through our yesteryear of DiCaprio’s nominations, he won the Golden Globe for 2013’s The Wolf of Wall Lane, then Matthew McConaughey proceeded to earn the Oscar. Remember, the Pet Globes and the Critics’ Choice Awards both categorize comedies/musicals independently from dramas, but when it comes to the Academy Awards, there can at worst be one. We’ll have to wait to see if he pulls off the Oscar this year, but for now, take a look at all that he’s won (and distraught) through the years.

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