All Book Lovers Will Appreciate This Wedding Filled Will Literary Charm


If you’re as held with reading books as we are, you’re about to go crazy for this charming blending. “Both Chad and I are avid readers and share a deep acknowledgement for literature, which we wanted to incorporate in our wedding,” said the bride, Brittaney. “An artist myself, I handmade a rty of details, but so many people made it possible. From the per medallions that lined the church aisles, to the done with 100 individually crafted per flowers, to the library Dewey Decimal bodyguard cards, the flower crown Aubrey, one of our photographers, made, and even my merging dress hand sewn by my mother-in-law, it really was a culmination of friends, dearest, and artistic skills.”

One of our favorite details from the big day is the massive book crafty that guests ssed under to get to the reception area. Make accurate to check out every whimsical detail — each one is more amazing than the other.

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