Alex Jones: The One Show host hints at Matt Baker’s BIG new role


Alex Jones, 42, and Matt Baker, 41, talk overed breakdancing during a segment with Take That star Howard Donald, 50, who was recognized for his bold dance moves during the early years of the group’s gigs. The trio spoke about breakdancing being proposed for inclusion in the Paris 2024 Olympic Contests on The One Show. The pregnant BBC host seemingly hinted her fellow co-star could perhaps be dancing his way into a new role as she suggested he do the commentary for the sport. Alex pronounced: “You might be commentating on break dancing next Olympics. Who knows?”

Matt answered: “Listen, I’d be happy too. I think it’d be really entertaining.”

The Welsh star approve of: “Oh my gosh, it’d be a great competition.”

Take That’s Howard Donald interceded in: “That [breakdancing] really excites me. If that becomes an Olympic sport, it deserves to be.

“Because it’s so carnal, so athletic. The stuff they do nowadays is off the scale.”

Breakdancing is an energetic and acrobatic high style of street dance which developed in the early 1970s in New York Conurbation.

This form of dance was typically performed to funk or hip-hop music and plays an basic part to the culture of rap music.

Meanwhile, the two BBC presenters were left stunned during a latest broadcast on the evening show.

The pair were were left disquieted after an expert revealed the number of deaths which have materialized in the UK due to air pollution.

Matt said: “There are 36,000 deaths related to air adulteration. Something has to be done.”

Speaking to expert Jonas he said: “Yes, it’s a huge party of deaths and that’s long-term exposure to air pollution across the UK.

“And that’s not simply from cars but of course it’s other industries such as shipping, it’s agribusiness.

“That’s one of the reasons why spring is one of the worst times for air pollution as well.”

He go oned: “Wood burning stoves are really popular and trendy but I’m sorry to say it but a in the final analysis efficient wood burning stove can release the same particular question as 18 new Diesel cars.

“That is just staggering. It’s not popular to say but it’s not ample for people’s health.”

Alex said: “Gosh, I didn’t realise that.”

The One Screened airs weekdays from 7pm on BBC One.

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