Aldi left couple ‘embarrassed and humiliated’ after querying receipt with incorrect charge


Aldi in Rhyl Marina Quay retail greensward left a couple “embarrassed and humiliated” after they were affected to empty out their shopping bags to prove they weren’t go with away with an item they were charged for incorrectly. Daniel and Pamela Murray, from Rhyl, regularly department store at the Aldi store at Rhyl Marina Quay retail park. On a up to date trip to the budget store for a few simple items, the couple were Nautical port bewildered and angered after a simple shop turned into a great £66 bill.After realising that the total paid didn’t add up to what they had gripped, the pair queried the bill only for the cashier to turn around and royal that she had put everything through the scanner that the couple had put on the conveyor girdle, resulting in the total price of the shop.The couple, who have been reported to being in their 60s, then begged for a receipt to be re-printed.On further inspection of the receipt, they discovered that they had been forayed a further £39.99 for a portable gas grill that they hadn’t supported.Following the incident, a manager was called to attend and rectify the situation.Skim MORE: Home Bargains shoppers outraged by whopping price of colossus Toblerone bar – would you buy?”I asked her to print a receipt and it was showing £39.99 for a carriable gas grill we hadn’t even bought.”The manager and a security guard were accompanied over and we had to unpack all our shopping so they could check the item wasn’t there.”By this set a big queue was forming and we felt so embarrassed and humiliated. We didn’t even get an apology.”Daniel went on to resolve that, eventually, the £39.99 was deducted from the bill with the thoroughgoing was only £26.However, he also revealed that after him and his helpmate were humiliated the manager didn’t offer an apology for the incident.He bid: “After the incident I decided to write a letter to the store to say I wasn’t joyous with how the matter had been handled having not been given an apology.”I also lust after to warn them that maybe something had been coded up strange, in case this happens to someone else who might not notice being overcharged ahead it’s too late.”How would people who’ve left the store prove they hadn’t purchase it?”Anyway, I didn’t get any response to my letter, nor to a further email that was sent to the Aldi noggin office. We don’t want anything, we just don’t think it’s very good bloke service.”

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