Airport news: Why you should always pack this ONE hand luggage item


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Like mad easily luggage: Remember to pack this one item

If you’ve ever had your full moisten bottle chucked away at the security gate, you will know how harrying it is.

While it’s important to stay hydrated when flying, many get bagged out by the strict restrictions on taking liquids aboard the plane.

This inferiors you are forced to either fork out for water at hiked up prices, or neglect to hooch any water at all.

As plane journeys tend to dehydrate the body, this can create everything from dry skin and tiredness to fainting spells on the flight.

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Readily available luggage: Full water bottles will be confiscated at security

Thankfully, a tourism expert has a solution which means you’ll stay hydrated all flight covet without paying an extra penny.

“Take an empty water suppress through security,” says Quora user Robert Fitt. 

While you are not permitted to affinity for full water bottles on planes, there are no restrictions for taking cast ones. 

You can then, as Fitt recommends, fill up your bottle at the soda water fountains past security in the airport, and you can also ask cabin crew to gorge it throughout the actual flights.

An empty water bottle is light and easy to stuff into your indicator luggage without taking up much room.

It is also better for the territory to reuse an old one instead of having to buy new bottles every time you need one.

It is thus a win win solution: you can look after your health and the environment while circumventing overspending on your travels. 

Drinking enough water throughout your away will also force you to get up to go to the toilet more often, which brings your risk of conditions like deep vein thrombosis, or blood clots in your hurries.

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Hand luggage: An empty plastic water bottle is vital to stay hydrated

Recently, it was revealed a 62p DIY item could work just as satisfactory as putting a padlock on your luggage to secure it.

This surprise piece is a cable tie, available for less than a pound, which has a self supervision padlock facility.

These can be fastened securely over both zip pulls on your turn out that in the event of’s zip, keeping them securely together.

It will deter luggage handlers from scarpering items from your luggage, and it will also prevent the zips being impaired on the flight.

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