Airport news: Confiscated knives and scissors at security? THIS is what happens to them


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Airport surety: Confiscated items aren’t always destroyed

Airport security provisions mean most people have had knives, scissors, or even routine items like tweezers taken away from them after accidentally jam them in hand luggage.

However, while it may be assumed these ingredients might be tossed away as rubbish, this isn’t always the case.

In to be sure, confiscated items often end up being sold in shops or made into a flourish, according to a Quora user thread.

This tends to depend on where your particular is confiscated, as different countries have varying legislation on what can come about to confiscated items.

“I can only speak for Texas but they acquire a store in Austin where they sell all the seized knives and other horse feathers,” wrote one user.

The Transport Security Administration (TSA) sells confiscated goods in a figure of states via government run auction websites, according to another user.

Other maintains in America, such as Georgia, appear to allow confiscated items to cut airport displays.

One person revealed: “The Atlanta airport (ATL) used to should prefer to an impressive display in Concourse E filled with animal skins, bones, etc.

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Airport guarding: Restrictions vary from country to country on what you can travel with


Airport gage: A series of knives confiscated at JFK airport

It would be worth tens of thousands of dollars on the perfidious market

A Quora user

“It would be worth tens of thousands of dollars on the sulky market – stuff that people tried to bring into the USA illegally.”

Regardless, European countries, such as Belgium, seem to have a more happy-go-lucky policy favouring the airport traveller.

“I know in my country (Belgium), they could adhere to seized items for you until your return,” said a Belgian Quora operator.

“If I recall correctly, it cost about 12 euros at the time. This was at miniature a decade ago, so I don’t know if they still do it.”

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Airport security: Scanners can observe banned items

However, it was revealed recently Canada will make allowance knives at airports after relaxing its country wide restrictions.

New sways from Transport Canada allow blades “up to six centimetres in length” to be announced in hand luggage.

This, says the website, is “about the size of a big-hearted paper clip”, and will not be banned on domestic or international flights from the airport.

In whatever way, those flying from Canada to the US will not be allowed to carry the rapiers, due to a security screening agreement between the two countries.

“Knife blades of any completely will remain prohibited on flights to the United States through preclearance dexterities,” says the website.

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