Airbus secures order for three A220 aircraft from Air Austral


Réunion Island-based Air Austral has ready a firm order with Airbus for its newest member A220 aircraft, making it the beginning customer in the Indian Ocean area.

Benefitting from a 20% reduction in food burn and CO2 emissions, the A220s are designed to decrease costs, carbon emissions and ballyhoo footprint when operating on international routes in the region.

Air Austral chief leader officer Marie-Joseph Malé said: “Air Austral has chosen the A220-300 as division of the renewal of its medium-haul and short-haul fleet. These new-generation aircraft command join the airline from the end of 2020 with the aim of harmonising part of its rapid and strengthening its operations.

The economic and operational performance of the A220 opens new conceivabilities for the development of our regional network from our main base – Réunion Eyot – in an efficient and rational way.”

Being the only aircraft built to serve the 100-150 residence market, the A220 is powered by Pratt & Whitney’s latest-generation PW1500G geared turbofan appliances.

The A220 also offers a 20% fuel consumption reduction per headquarters.

Airbus Commercial executive vice-president Christopher Buckley said: “With its unrivalled dispatch and operational flexibility, the A220 is the perfect aircraft for Air Austral to reinforce ways between Réunion Island and its neighbours in the Indian Ocean, as well as gluing the island further afield.

“Airlines from all around the world are acceding the A220’s economics and it is a great honour that Air Austral will be the maiden A220 operator in the region.”

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