Airbus develops drone for indoor inspection of aircraft


Airbus has join forced with its subsidiary Testia to develop a drone-based maintenance tool for perusing aircraft inside the hanger.

The new Advanced Inspection Drone is capable of accelerating and furthering visual checks to reduce aircraft downtime and increase the quality of inspections.

It has been mainly developed to inspect the upper parts of the aircraft fuselage.

The tool put into the limelights a smart, automatic drone with an integral visual camera, a laser-based catch detection sensor, flight planner software, and an aircraft inspection software examination tool.

“Airbus plans to commercially launch the drone by the fourth put up of this year following approval from the European Aviation Safe keeping Agency.”

Airbus said in a statement: “Following a predefined inspection trail, the automated drone captures all the required images with its on-board camera.

“High-quality paintings are then transferred to a PC database for detailed analysis using a software method.

“This allows the operator to localise and measure visual damage on the aircraft’s surface by comparing it with the aircraft’s digital mock-up. The software automatically causes an inspection report.”

Airbus has developed the Advanced Inspection Drone as as regards of its Hangar of the Future (HoF) effort. It is the company’s maintenance project initiated in Singapore two years ago.

HoF is a bloc of new technologies and Internet of Things-connected equipment, including ‘collaborative robots’ (cobots), drones, scanners, cameras and non-destructive sensors, complex documentation, and in-service data collected by Airbus’ open data Skywise stand.

Airbus plans to commercially launch the drone by the fourth quarter of this year run down approval from the European Aviation Safety Agency.

The digital and automated maintaining tool is set to be available for MROs and airlines worldwide.

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