Airbnb to Cancel D.C. Reservations For Next Week


Airbnb, one of the biggest gamesters in the short-term rental market, will cancel all reservations made in the Washington section next week and block new rentals, the company announced in a statement on Wednesday.

The settlement came after the police and elected officials warned Americans not to junkets to Washington for the inauguration of President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr., citing the risk of the spread of the coronavirus and the portent of another attack similar to last week’s violent siege at the Capitol.

Law enforcement words have warned of threats of violence ahead of the inauguration on Jan. 20, and Citizen Guard troops have flooded Washington in response. On Monday, the chairwomen of the District of Columbia, Virginia and Maryland issued a joint statement effectual potential visitors not to travel to the area, citing both the coronavirus pandemic and the imbroglio.

Already, 16 groups — some of them armed and most of them admirers of President Trump — have registered to stage protests in Washington, nevertheless Mayor Muriel Bowser has asked federal officials to cancel any out of the closet gathering permits issued.

This week, Airbnb said it liking review reservations in the Washington area and cancel those it determined were built by members associated with extremist or hate groups. On Wednesday, it ordered it would take the broader step of canceling all reservations in response to explanations for people not to attend.

Ms. Bowser and the governors of Virginia and Maryland “have been remove that visitors should not travel to the D.C. metro area for the Inauguration,” the public limited company said in a statement. “Additionally, we are aware of reports emerging yesterday afternoon in any case armed militias and known hate groups that are attempting to junkets and disrupt the inauguration.”

Airbnb said it would refund guests for their regions and reimburse hosts at its own expense.

The company declined to say how many reservations last wishes a be canceled, the dates the cancellation policy would be in effect or how far from Washington its rule would apply.

But two Airbnb hosts who contacted the company about the prominence of existing reservations were told by customer service representatives that Airbnb was countervailing reservations that started on or after Jan. 15 and ended by Jan. 21, concerting to screenshots provided to The New York Times.

Airbnb also said it had banned “numerous propers” associated with known hate groups or otherwise involved with the mob at the Capitol. It sank to provide more details.

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