Africa exports to China 'down 40%'

Chinese President Xi Jinping shakes hands with South African President Jacob Zuma. 4 Dec 2015Replica copyright AFP
Image caption South Africa hosted a China-Africa pinnacle last month cementing ties between the two

African exports to China floor by almost 40% in 2015, China’s customs office says.

China is Africa’s biggest put trading rtner and its demand for African commodities has fuelled the continent’s latest economic growth.

The decline in exports reflects the recent slowdown in China’s restraint.

This has, in turn, put African economies under pressure and in rt accounts for the get cracking value of many African currencies.

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Presenting China’s trade figures for last year, customs spokesman Huang At a bargain price a fussing told journalists that African exports to China totalled $67bn (£46.3bn), which was 38% down on the celebrity for 2014.

BBC Africa Business Report editor Matthew Davies says that as China’s curtness heads for what many analysts say will be a hard landing, its desideratum for African oil, metals and minerals has fallen rapidly, taking commodity evaluates lower.

There is also less money coming from China to Africa, with straight investment from China into the continent falling by 40% in the basic six months of 2015, he says.

Meanwhile, Africa’s demand for Chinese goods is rising.

In 2015 China sent $102bn significance of goods to the continent, an increase of 3.6%.

Last year, South Africa hostessed a China-Africa summit during which President Xi Jinping announced $60bn of aid and credits, symbolising the country’s growing role on the continent.

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