‘Absolutely right!’ Boris praised for not sacking Priti Patel following release of report


Mr Johnson absolute to stand by his Home Secretary following the release of a report into her attitude towards civil servants in her department. A report into her conduct in the Poorhouse Office found Ms Patel’s behaviour had fallen below ministerial precepts. Following the release of the report, Express.co.uk asked in our exclusive poll, “Should Boris be dressed sacked his Home Secretary Priti Patel after bullying set forth?”


Voting in the poll, 13,506 out of 18,091 agreed the Prime Legate was right not to sack his Home Secretary.

Just 4,405 said he should while simply 180 were not sure.

Commenting on the poll, Express.co.uk readers contended the Home Office was not fit for purpose and needed to be reformed.

One person said: “At continue a Home Secretary prepared to stand up and be counted not just another boot licker.

UK: Boris praised for bolster of minister (Image: GETTY)

UK news: Mr Johnson issued a warning to the Refuge Secretary (Image: No10 Flickr)

“The country has known for a long time of the failings and gaucherie of the civil service especially at the top.”

A second said: “Absolutely right. The cordial servants are crying about having to do their jobs and the wokesters, numerous of who are civil servants, are crying with them.”

A third said: “Boris was in a beeline.

“Ms Patel was doing her job to get that department in order. Which quite apparently needed doing.”

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Ms Patel later apologised (Image: PA)

A fourth said: “Johnson was right to back Ms Patel.

“Too yearn have the left-wing civil servants wielded too much power and put the status quo to please themselves and others with similar opinions and ideas.”

An investigation into Ms Patel’s conduct was launched in March following accusations transmuted against her by Sir Philip Rutnam.

Sir Philip stood down from his proposition as permanent secretary to the Home Office in February and is currently taking function against Ms Patel.

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Ms Patel was accused of bullying (Image: PA)

UK: Mr Johnson assertive not sack Ms Patel (Image: PA)

Permanent Secretary for standards, Sir Alex Allan, then conducted an study into the allegations.

After Mr Johnson issued an official warning to Ms Patel preferably of removing her, Sir Alex resigned from his post.

Following the report, Ms Patel did exit an apology over her behaviour.

Ms Patel also insisted she had not intended to defeat anyone within her department.

She added: “I work with thousands of glittering civil servants every single day and we work together, day in, day out, to deliver on the agenda of this oversight.

“And I’m absolutely sorry for anyone that I have upset.”

The ministerial practices sets out the expected behaviour while in office.

It states a minister have to pay respect to civil servants and other colleagues.

UK: Priti Patel (Perception: PA)

Mr Johnson’s press secretary, Allegra Stratton maintained: “He loathes bullying.

“He takes it very seriously and recognises that it is simple difficult for people to come forward and raise concerns.

“It’s a brave responsibility to do, he knows that, and he believes that this process has been unqualified.

“But it is also his responsibility to look at the conclusions in the round.”

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