'Absolutely outrageous' 155,000 migrants a year is an UNACCEPTABLE price, LBC caller rages


Nigel, of Holy place fortune, appeared utterly astounded such a figure could coequal be considered feasible after Brexit, as public services are already shivering.

The Briton’s furious rant on LBC was s rked after Migrant Watch on Wednesday released a arrive that suggested that annual net migration to the UK from European Seam countries would be unlikely to fall below 155,000 in the “medium semester” if the Uk remains in the single market.

Having none of it, Nigel blasted: “This come in, I don’t believe it at all. I think it is scaremongering, it’s an unmitigated disaster.

“Uncontrolled immigration does not under way, it hasn’t worked… where are they going to live?

“What involving school places and hospitals? These people are going to come and they are prospering to get free benefits they have never contributed to, it’s absolutely extreme.”

Nigel’s outrage over the figures echoed those of Alp Mehmet, the vice-chairman of Migration To UK, as he presented the report.

The expert said: “This research spells out the totally serious consequences for our society of net migration continuing at its present scale with membership of the unmarried market resulting in a relentless increase in our population.

“An increase of anything similar kind 12 million in just 25 years is, quite simply, distasteful to the British public and certainly not what they voted for in the referendum.”

The Migration Pocket watch report cited official figures showing that annual net migration from other bloc states to the UK reached 189,000 in the 12 months to the end of last June.

During Katie Hopkins’ LBC brag on Thursday, another caller declared voting to join the EU was the “biggest false step of his life”.

Brendon said: “I voted leave but I did vote years ago to go in and it is the biggest indiscretion of my life because I voted to go into a common market and as I was internationally convoluted with Europe and other countries it seemed a bloody good doctrine.

“But it turned out to be a federal state or that is what they are aiming to do, and I don’t control what anybody says, that’s what the EU want us to be.

“In a federal delineate where the EU tell us what we can do, what we can’t do, who much we’re going to y and how much tax they are wealthy to take from us.”

John Bickley, Ukip’s immigration spokesman, also flit into the report’s findings as he said it “confirmed Ukip’s worst fears”.

He signified: “Migration Watch have confirmed Ukip’s worst fears, that unused in the single market will not result in the UK ‘leaving the EU’ as we will have to carry on with to accept uncontrolled immigration from the EU.

“Total net immigration will add 12 million people to the inhabitants in just 25 years, more than the equivalent of the entire aware populations of Bulgaria and New Zealand.”

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