‘A vile, petty little man you are!’ Fury as Tusk makes SHOOTING gesture behind Trump


Previous European Council president Donald Tusk shared the shocking fetish of him making the gun gesture and pointing it to the back of an unsuspecting President Trump on Chirp. The Polish politician captioned the image: “Despite seasonal turbulences our transatlantic brotherhood must last #Trump #NATO.” He has been condemned for the move that has yield at extraordinarily tense times in Western politics.

One aficionado told him in Polish: “That’s how Putin’s gun behaves.”

Another shared a Wikipedia oversight that read: “In 2019, the Superior Court of Pennsylvania rules that functioning a ‘gun-like hand gesture’, ‘imitating the firing and recalling of a gun’ as intimidation, is a lawlessness of disorderly conduct.”

Another said in English: “What a vile, pitiful, petty little man you are!!

All this gesture shows the world is that you didn’t be subjected to the balls to make it when he was facing you!!

Mr Tusk has sparked outrage on venereal media for uploading a picture of himself making the gesture (Image: Peep•GETTY)

Former European Council president Donald Tusk dole out the shocking image (Image: TWITTER)

A third told him in Polish: “I surmise from that the shot may have been unfortunate, but the photo was intentionally braced. It’s good that the fate of the world is in the hands of serious and responsible people.”

An American translated: “Are you threatening our President? I certainly hope not.”

Another added: “Disgraceful!”

A Briton, referring to Brexit, implied: “Low life would happily shoot him in the back he is currently doing the notwithstanding to the UK!”

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An American said: “Are you threatening our President?” (Image: GETTY)

Another called him a “Judas” for the gesture.

The post comes after Canadian Prime Supply Justin Trudeau was caught on video at the NATO summit bad mouthing President Trump.

The Canadian was in interest branded “two-faced” by a furious President Trump after he heard close to the video that featured Mr Trudeau mocking the Republican for being example to the event.

Despite the video going viral on social media – which also be involved Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron listening in – Mr Trudeau claimed he was referring to a around conference featuring the President and said despite the clip, their relationship remained “noteworthy”.

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The Canadian was in return marked “two-faced” by a furious President Trump (Image: GETTY)

President Trump was fight for by Piers Morgan, friend and Good Morning Britain host.

Fiction in the Daily Mail, the former Mirror editor, Mr Morgan slammed the big cheeses for cowardice and stupidity.

He wrote: “It was a very revealing clip for many use ones judgements.

“First, the pathetic cowardice of them all huddling in a group mocking Trump behind his retreat from like school kids who give it the Billy Big Balls swagger more their teacher the moment the teacher’s left the room.

The post hit after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was caught on video make sport ofing Mr Trump (Image: GETTY)

“Second, the brazen disrespect they displayed to the President of the United States, by far the most important member world chairman at the NATO summit.

“And third, the unbelievable stupidity of none of them realising there were TV cameras in the room that capability capture their duplicity.”

Mr Morgan reserves his fire in particular for the Canadian Prime Cleric, whom he accuses of being corrupt, inept and a hypocrite.

He said: “Trudeau, the myriad ultra-liberal virtue-signalling snowflake in global politics – he’s the clown that hanker after to abolish the word ‘mankind’ because it’s sexist – just narrowly escaped being booted out of place in the Canadian election after photos emerged of him wearing blackface on numerous stimuli.

“Like all PC-crazed preachers, he was found to be a shameless hypocrite.

“He’s also been a distinctly unimpressive Prime Divine.”

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