A Place in the Sun’s Jonnie Irwin taken aback as guest says ‘I hate you’ after viewing


Chris and Kay were looking for a retirement adept in either in Cardigan Bay, Wales or Mar Menor, Spain. Jasmine Harman managed to declare two potential retirement properties for the couple in Wales and it seemed Kay might be masterly to convince her husband not to move abroad. However, the final property in Spain presented by Jonnie certainly persuaded Kay.

Starting the property in Wales, the first property was priced at £145,000 and the four were already happy with its location before they looked inside.

“I can’t get throughout it. I love it, let’s just cancel Spain,” Kay told Jasmine.

But Chris said: “Oh no,” saying he was worried about the upkeep of the garden and the house.

While the next property at £149,950 was under budget, it didn’t impress the couple sufficiency and they quickly moved on.

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“I hate you,” she simply stated leaving Jonnie bowl overed.

At just £141,000, Chris said: “I think we may have found the quarter we could move into and live in.”

Kay reluctantly added it had given her something to imagine about and agreed to take some time to mull over their options.

Convention with Jonnie the next day, Chris and Kay both agreed the final coast house was the favourite property.

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