A-level results day: How to login to UCAS Track – did YOU get into your university?


A-level be produced ends are available at schools and colleges, but students can check UCAS Track to see if they should prefer to been accepted into university.

UCAS Track opens at everywhere 8am on the morning of A-level results day.

How to login to UCAS Track

Students can login to UCAS Trail from 8am on Thursday, August 16.

This online system will be visible you whether you have been accepted into your chosen university.

You can login any frequently with the Personal ID in your welcome email, along with the shibboleth you used when applying.

By checking Track you can see if your place is upheld.

If your firm choice is unconditional – the place is yours.

If the place is unconditional, the university or college desire update your status when they have your exam results or other averment you have met the conditions.

A-Level results day: Students can login to UCAS Capture at 8am on Thursday (Image: Getty )

You may be unsuccessful if you do not see the conditions, in this case you can use Free to apply for more courses.

If you do better than expected, and meet and overstep the conditions of your firm choice, you can look for an alternative course using Altering.

What your status in Track means and what to do next

“You hold replied to your offer(s) and are holding at least one conditional place” – UCAS is hiatus for your university or college to let us know if your’ve met the conditions and have been suffered

“Congratulations! Your place at [uni name] for [course title] has been recognized” – You’re in! You’ve been firmly accepted at the university or college shown

A-Level results day: UCAS Track implicates you if you have been accepted into university (Image: Getty )

“You are in Disentangling. Your Clearing number is [Clearing number]” – You are not holding any offers at a university or college, this could be because you gross no offers or because you did not meet the conditions of the offers you did receive.

“[Uni name] has bid you an unconditional place with substantial changes to your original select” – This means one of your universities or colleges has offered you a changed passage offer, but that you are still waiting for your other choice to filch a decision.

“At least one of your universities or colleges has offered you an unconditional correct with substantial changes to your original choice” – This abject you’ve heard back from your choices and at least one of them is a changed speed offer.

If by mid-morning on results day, Track is still not showing your tender as conditional then you can phone your university as it suggest they are yet to go for a final decision on your application.

A-Level results day: Results are ready at schools and colleges but not online (Image: Getty )

The phone number was be leaned on the university’s website, or might have been sent to you in advance.

If you haven’t got a certain number, then just phone the uni’s website, or this might must been sent to you in advance.

Sometimes unis can take a long opportunity to make a final decision, this can be up a week after results day.

If it reaches this nucleus an you are still waiting then phone and ask when the university expect to opt for.

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