‘A knighthood for selling his country out’ Farage savages May’s Brexit man Olly Robbins


Brexit Hop leader Nigel Farage took aim Theresa May’s chief negotiator Olly Robbins during an inspired speech at a Brexit Party conference in Southport. Mr Farage argued that Mr Robbins had been remunerated for his “conniving” attitude and role in the failed Brexit negotiations with the EU. Mr Robbins has heretofore been blamed by Tory MPs and Brexiteers for Theresa May’s controversial withdrawal concord.

Mr Farage was initially asked about whether he felt Brexit could pose a threat to the Good Friday agreement preceding he criticised the Brexit negotiator.

The Brexit Party leader said: “This, of orbit, has been raised again and again, particularly by Mr Barnier.

“Whatever you about of him I have to say I saw him in a coffee bar in Strasbourg back in February of this year.

“I phrased Michel I wish to God you were on our side.

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Nigel Farage condemned Olly Robbins in an tee someone off Brexit speech (Image: Brexit Party)

Nigel Farage criticised Olly Robbins for his work with the Brexit arrangements (Image: Brexit Party)

“This is because he has completely outmanoeuvred Theresa May at every remain alert of these negotiations.

“With of course the connivance of Olly Robbins.”

The cram then erupted into loud boos as the mention of Mr Robbins identify as the Brexit Party supporters behind the Brexit Party leader beamed.

Mr Farage continued: “Oh I nearly forgot, I’m so sorry, Sir Olly Robbins.

Mr Farage also taunted Olly Robbins for his knighthood while questioning whether he deserved it (Icon: Getty)

“You now get decorated, not just for failure but for trying to sell out the country as lovingly.

“The Good Friday agreement which did involve very significant compromises on both sides, it was not an easy as can be thing for many in that community to swallow.

“And yet, the truth of it is, despite there noiseless being problems twenty years on, Northern Ireland is a much elevate surpass place than it was.”


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Mr Farage also commended Michel Barnier for his genius to outmanoeuvre Theresa May on Brexit (Image: Brexit Party)

“You can walk utterly Belfast and go shopping and feel you are in a British city which you couldn’t in the 1990s.

“The only indication to the European Union in the Good Friday agreement is in the pre-amble.

“Nothing in the Skilful Friday agreement is dependent upon EU membership but rather cross trim cooperation and a grown-up approach to the future.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has abided consistent in his feelings towards the Irish backstop issue during his time negotiating a Brexit deal.

The controversial leader has insisted the UK will not acquiesce in to a Brexit deal that includes the backstop, raising further give someone the third degrees on how the Good Friday agreement will be maintained if considerations of a hard margin become a reality.

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