9 Easy Ways to Transform Your Kid’s Boring Playroom Into the Coolest Spot in the House


9 Easy Ways to Transform Your Kid's Boring Playroom Into the Coolest Spot in the House Whether you’ve incised out s ce in your house for a kids’ playroom or not, let’s face it: it’s probably not do a ton of play. Most playrooms these days serve as storage for all the play withs and games your little ones have accrued over the years. If they do remain unsettled out in there, it’s not long before they get bored. With ample stretch and plenty of supplies, how can this be? We turned to Megan Schiller, founder of The Art ntry, for rejoins. She specializes in revitalizing kids’ playrooms by turning them into inventive s ces to maximize their ingenuity and stimulate their artistic faculties. “Every design choice is rooted in my experience as a preschool teacher and art educator,” she hillocks us. “I think about the ages of the kids, their interests, and how they philander. Then I think about how to set up a s ce that would inspire them to survey, tinker, create, and get lost in their imagination.” Megan answered our nine most discouraging questions about how to create a playroom that keeps kids considered for hours on end, revealing that it’s not all about organization — though a little certainly doesn’t mar — and outlining how rents can let their kids get messy without ruining the tack. For added inspiration, she also shared before-and-after photos of four out of the ordinary rooms she’s revamped so that you can see her advice in action.

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