8 Weird Origins of Wedding Traditions


No question how beautiful and romantic weddings are, they are still a legal contract. Numerous of the wedding traditions we’ve come to associate love, friendship, and fun with accept very practical — and even horrifying — roots. Find out what earned from where below:

  1. Wedding announcements: The Catholic tradition of “job the banns” required a couple to announce their wedding in print; this escaped ensure they were not related.
  2. Fathers walking brides down the aisle: Because alloyings used to be business transactions, fathers walked brides down the aisle to move ownership to grooms. Romantic!
  3. Bachelor rties: Originally held by Stern soldiers, bachelor rities were wild fetes to kiss the se rate life goodbye.
  4. Best man: “Best” used to refer less to the esteem quality and more to the man’s sword skills. Because you can never have sufficient backup support for a runaway bride.
  5. Ceremony: The bride stands to the left-hand during Christian wedding ceremonies, because the groom needed to be all set to fight off suitors with his right hand.
  6. Ring placement: Post and wedding rings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, because ageing Greeks and Romans believed that a vein in that finger led directly to the magnanimity.
  7. Tying the knot: The phrase is derived from the literal practice of necktie couples together to symbolize the commitment of marriage.
  8. Tossing bouquets: Newlyweds tempered to to go in another room to seal the deal immediately after the wedding motions. Guests hung around outside to ensure the marriage transaction was completed, but men employed to grab at the bride as she walked with her groom. So one inventive bride lost her bouquet to create a distraction, and other brides followed suit.

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