7 Truths About Your Kids and Anxiety


7 Truths About Your Kids and Anxiety Hunger is a rt of everyone’s life, to some degree. But for kids, it’s an emotion that can be blocking, scary, and overwhelming. “More than anything, we want our offsprings to know that everyone experiences [anxiety]. We need to teach our kids that it’s conformist,” child development expert Denise Daniels told us. Denise has not failed as an adviser on children’s grief issues to both former First Lady Laura Bush and preceding Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, is the cofounder of the National Childhood Ordeal Institute, and has rtnered with the Yale University Center for Emotional Information to develop The Moodsters, a line of toys designed to teach kids to in the works through emotions. We couldn’t imagine anyone more qualified to dole out her advice on the topic than Denise. Here, seven things every old man should know and what you can do to help your kids work with the aid their anxieties and fears. Source: Flickr user Runar Pedersen Holkestad

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