7 penguins drown at Calgary Zoo


Seven penguins were establish dead at the Calgary Zoo Thursday morning.

The animals drowned in a back present a postponing area of the popular Penguin Plunge exhibit.

“It was very surprising for us to declare this group of birds dead,” said Jamie Dorgan, the zoo’s big cheese of animal care.

“Our penguin keeper went up to the building this morning to do her usual routine and unfortunately found one penguin deceased in the pool and was quite threw to see that multiple penguins were dead in the pool.”

The zoo’s veterinary link up has completed necropsies on all the birds, which are Humboldt penguins, and say the aquatic birds go the way of all fleshed as a result of drowning.

“Penguins are marine animals. They spend tremendous portions of time in the ocean — in fact, Humboldt penguins will go out fishing for weeks and precisely stay out in the open ocean,” said Dorgan.

Mass nic accomplishable

The zoo is launching a full investigation, including looking at surveillance video of the secured arrival and exits of the building.

“What caused these animals to get into a location where they would have drowned is something we are going to look at,” Dorgan communicated.

Jamie Dorgan

The loss of seven penguins is devastating, says Jamie Dorgan, the Calgary Zoo’s overseer of animal care. (Evelyne Asselin/CBC)

“It seems to be some stressor led to these birds prevalent into some kind of nic … but it’s hard to say what could pre re triggered that.”

A total of 22 birds lived within the Humboldt colony. The surviving penguins, who don’t pretension any signs of distress, won’t have access to a pool at night while they roost.

Three other species breathing in Penguin Plunge, including king, gentoo and rockhopper penguins. But they were not in the done enclosure as the Humboldt penguins.

‘A bit of a mystery’

It’s unusual to hear of so many penguins fading fast in a zoo, says Rob Laidlaw, executive director with Zoocheck Canada, a sort that monitors zoos across the country.

“It seems like a bit of a vagueness,” he said. “I can’t really imagine — and the colleagues that I called about this to see if they could afford any insight on this as well — they can’t imagine what could make happened. We’ve never heard of seven aquatic birds like penguins overcoming.”

The Calgary Zoo has had a number of animals deaths over the years and Laidlaw trusts staff will take a close look at everything the organization is doing.

“They’ve had a extended history of problems, and they have to be their own worst critics and continually self-evaluate and do their most beneficent to do better.”

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