‘£500 a night in the Lakes’ – Britons on staycations have nothing nice to say about the UK


UK events were incredibly popular this year, with most Britons staying in the country over the summer. While most enjoyed their sightsee and were happy to rediscover the country, some had complaints.

She referred to the ongoing Twitter battle of what a staycation actually means.

To her, apparently, it meant securing at home and not going anywhere.

User 5thAbout said: “Getting absolutely ripped off. £500 a night in the Lakes.”

Stephen Tricker wrote: “Yes [I purpose get booster jab] because I want to start travelling again. Holidays in UK do not do it for me.”

Wayne Ellis, however, tried to find a reason for the price of a UK holiday.

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He said: “It’s been incredibly well documented that the cost of UK holidays has risen enormously because there is so much more demand due to child taking holidays in this country.”

Craig, however, had no love lost for people who complained.

He wrote: “I find that the people complaining that UK festivals are more expensive than foreign holidays either failed to plan and booked late, have no imagination and booked the same busy lodgings as everyone else – or just usually stay in crappy places when they go abroad.”

It wasn’t just the price that was an issue with Britons.

Additionally to prices and the weather, the pandemic and Covid safety rules were also a point of contention for Britons on a staycation.

Kevin Pascoe wrote: “Our at the start full day on holiday in England yesterday and a hell of a shock with no COVID19 precautions – no masks, no social distancing and no sanitising.

“Genuinely very upsetting. Thank goodness we have a self-contained flat – ironically 200 yards from a COVID testing centre.”

Michelle Wales replied: “Enthusiasm to Scotland, also with sensible Covid restrictions like Wales, driving in and out of Wales, England and Scotland was a bit surreal. Why are the people not wearing cover ups in these services? Oh, it’s England…”

Catherine Walsh, meanwhile, was getting worried about the future.

She wrote: “Many ‘ordinary’ UK families and children keep been mixing ‘uncontrolled’ all summer. UK holiday parks rammed full. No masks or distancing, all activities.”

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