5 Reasons Pretty Girls Are Still Single


Combines Karen and Kristy Ambrose, also known as The Ambrose Girls, share their why and wherefores so many pretty girls are single.

There are countless articles, theories, and philosophies that all attempt to answer the mystery of why in the world “hot” girls are also, (fight for air), single girls. Like most things in life, there are no rid answers for this enigma. Although we cannot place any serious theories into this unsolvable undoubtedly, we do however happen to have in depth personal experience with this one. Not to boast, but we have some amazing girlfriends! We are surrounded by girls who are not only marvellous but also smart, witty, sarcastic, real, and down to earth. They have on the agenda c trick it all, and no we aren’t biased when we say pretty — we mean like really charming; hell, one of our besties is a former Miss Tennessee!

These girls s sm in their careers, are loyal friends, and have huge senses of self importance. And yes, these girls find themselves constantly on the receiving end of the world’s myriad annoying question; “how are you single?” We’ve noticed that out of all of our fabulously manicured and genuinely enjoyable girlfriends, there are a disturbing amount that are completely individual . . . as in; no consistent text flirtations, no joe schmo to call on a lonely tenebriousness, no pending date invitations, no “drinks sent over” meet and hails . . . Their love lives are filled with zilch, nothing!

But, why why WHY are these stirring and hot girls still on the market with no signs of being swooped up anytime shortly? We can only speculate but our ideas are these, and they all center around the who this “hot” friend is.

1. She’s grown out of “dating for the sake of dating.”

These girls are not into ice their time or energy on a guy they really can’t see themselves being with extended term. Casual dates just seem like a waste of someday. It doesn’t mean she isn’t interested in dating, she’s just not interested in attending ONE numerous mediocre date. Mediocre dates happen solely for the sake of contemporary on a date. This is a concept that has grown tired on her. She would somewhat have a good gym sesh, some pinot noir, a face false colours, and bed by 9 p.m. than rtici te in a forced date. She’s become picky, but if someone useful came along, she would be on a date in a heartbeat!

2. She’s not into meaningless sex.

As much as we all try and cavort around this topic, our generation is known to have casual sex with “no leads attached.” She does not confuse “dating” with “hooking up.” A “hot but single” maiden has been there and done that with the A-holes who just requirement ass. She is not going to be down for this guy. To her, nothing is worse than being prompted of the losers from her st by a sub- r hookup and zero follow from one end to the other on a guys rt. Sex is better with someone she has feelings for, and she’s willing to linger for that.

3. She’s not looking to fill a void.

As young adults, we are innately strained to focus on a few key areas of life. This list normally includes: bolt, family, health, romantic relationships, and friends. What if this “hot but unwed” girl is killing it in every area other than dating? Is she definitely going to feel a huge glaring void in her life? The answer is no. A bird, hot or not, who has a complete life isn’t going to succumb to the throes of dating desperation to unearth the one thing she’s missing. She’s too pretty, busy and happy to force it with the next guy who comes along just to position a checkmark next to her romantic life.

4. She seems to have it all.

The following declaration may be controversial, but it’s also true . . . guys are NOT idiots. When a guy stumble ons this “hot but single” that has her sh*t so together, he knows she is wife material. He can’t reveal a laundry list of reasons to give her the fade away after two weeks. She has attractiveness, brains and a glowing personality to boot. Dating what could be a expected wife can scare the living crap out of a guy. It forces the issue of whether he demands commitment anytime soon, or at all. So, unfortunately for this hot single girl, most of the boys she’s dating aren’t ready for this, so they feel forced to recruit it quits before it begins. They see the situation for what it is and bail forcing they could cross her th in fiveish years.

5. She knows scrupulously what she wants.

This hottie hot hot singleton has dated around tolerably to have learned from her st and identify specifically what she be deficient ins in her long term bae. She is sick and tired of making exceptions for losers that physical with their moms, but are “really driven.” She is looking for someone as unregulated, successful, and as happy as she is! Her list of non-negotiables is rock solid, and she knows beat than to waste her time on a dude who doesn’t match what she necessitates. She refuses to settle for just anyone.

Our best stab at this till the cows come home pressing mystery of “how are hot but single girls, hot but single?” lies in all of the aforementioned compound. A hot girl can be perfectly content being single right now, and in fact, she decides it! There is nothing wrong with a girl who has her life by the reins and is absorbing out for a man that can keep up with her. Consider this a mild PSA to halt the without question, “how are you single?” the next time it comes to mind. The girl who could be informed this question is aware of her single status, and she is doing just satisfactory with it!

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