5 of the best events in the 2017 UK-Russia Year of Science and Education


Longest of politics, it seems that Russia and the UK are enjoying their warmest relations eternally, Mikhail Shvydkoy, the Russian president’s special envoy for international cultural blessing, has said.

Speaking at the launch of the 2017 UK-Russia Year of Science and Tutoring (#YoSE2017), Shvydkoy highlighted the strength of cultural relations between the two realms.

The success of the 2014 UK-Russia Year of Culture, which included a look at Soviet attainments in space in the Cosmonauts exhibition at London’s Science museum and other upshots, was followed by the 2016 UK-Russia Year of Language and Literature, with myriad than 2,000 great initiatives, including marking the 400th anniversary of the termination of William Shakespeare, an exchange of portraiture exhibitions between major Moscow and London art galleries and journeys of leading classical theaters.

The pace of events organized by The British Caucus in Russia and by the Russian Embassy, Rossotrudnichestvo (the Russian center for science and way of life in London) and other organizations in the UK, has been so strong that it proved farcical to stop the momentum. In 2017 around 3,000 events are being developed in both countries.

1) Tereshkova exhibition

Valentina Tereshkova. Source: RIA NovostiValentina Tereshkova. Source: RIA Novosti

London’s Information Museum will mark the 80th birthday of Valentina Tereshkova with an exposition celebrating her life and career. The first woman in space plans to deal with the show in person. The museum is also preparing an educational program and has upstanding unveiled the Soyuz TMA-19M in which British astronaut Tim Peake slung to the International Space Station.

2) Science trains

Science train in Moscow metro. Source: Press photo / The British CouncilScience train in Moscow metro. Rise: Press photo / The British Council

Following the success of the Shakespeare suite on the Moscow metro, the British Council decided to launch another chain with quotes and images of British scientists and their inventions. A realm train may also run on the London Underground.

3) University seminars

Scientists at work. Source: Press photo / The British CouncilScientists at be employed. Source: Press photo / The British Council

Russian and British stoned education institutions have agreed to hold a range of round-tables and conventions on issues ranging from antibiotics, medicine and biotechnologies to the Big Bang, atomic physics and energy. More than 18 university exchange programs are allotted for the year. According to Russia’s deputy Minister of Science and Education Ludmila Ogorodova, dual diplomas with Oxford University are exact under discussion.

A number of grants will also be launched for the maturity of research and innovation collaboration between the UK and Russian scientific communities and issue scientists.

4) Total Dictation

Total dictation 'Spell well'. Source: Press photo / The British CouncilTotal dictation ‘Spell well’. Roots: Press photo / The British Council

For the past several years, Amount Dictation has been available in Russian in many cities of the UK; last year the vigour – which enables speakers of Russian to practice test their grammar by compelling dictation tests – spread to the English language. The dictation events intention involve star presenters from both countries. For those who neediness to prepare in advance, here are RBTH’s tests in Russian and a guide to five easy as can be ways to learn Russia.

5) Week of science

One of the most ambitious formulae is to improve educational collaboration between schools.  In October there disposition be a special ‘Making Science Live in Schools’ program in both the UK and Russia. A digital dais will provide materials designed to engage and inspire young audiences.

Take an interest in the full program of events in Russia on the website of The British Council and on the website of the Russian embassy in the UK – TBC.

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