44 Completely Rational Reasons My 3-Year-Old Tantrumed Today



We all attired in b be committed to rough days, but 44 tantrums in one day is a new record. From our friends at Babyology, review about the hilarious and rational problems that were worth crying connected with for this 3-year-old! 44 Completely Rational Reasons My 3-Year-Old Tantrumed Today Have a threenager at home? Please, pull up a moderate, pour a glass of wine, and enjoy these completely reasonable reasonings my 3-year-old daughter cracked it today. Yes . . . all of these outbursts occurred in a 24-hour period. I wish I was making this up. My daughter’s favorite hobby these days is to yell at me. Today, rather than simply clash through the daily tantrums and tears, I decided to track them. Every pro tempore my daughter whined, cried, screamed, kicked, or lay on the floor with her feet in the air, I transcribed it down. My daughter discovered 44 problems worth crying to. And almost half of them occurred before 9 a.m.

  1. She wanted to wear her Elsa shirt (which is in the besmirch clothes pile).
  2. She put her underwear on backwards.
  3. I put the wrong episode of Strawberry Shortcake on.
  4. I didn’t get her breakfast fast enough.
  5. She didn’t want cereal. She wanted oats.
  6. I gave her the evil bowl for her oats. She wanted the bowl that her uneaten cereal was in.
  7. She tattled oats on her knee.
  8. She wanted the small spoon.
  9. I gave her the yellow blanket in preference to of the pink blanket.
  10. She wanted to wear her Elsa dress instead of her Elsa shirt.
  11. It’s not her birthday today.
  12. Her ass belt felt funny.
  13. Her brother looked at her in the car.
  14. The cat wouldn’t let her pick him up by the appendage.
  15. She couldn’t open the wrapper to her muesli bar.
  16. I opened the wrapper to her muesli bar too much.
  17. Her muesli bar on the skids in two.
  18. When coloring in, I used the wrong color of blue for Cinderella’s put on ones best bib.
  19. I sat on her imaginary friend.
  20. She put her shoes on the wrong feet.
  21. Pep Pig ended.
  22. I cut her sandwich into triangles.
  23. I cut her right hand sandwich into squares.
  24. I wouldn’t let her play in the car.
  25. I suggested we take a nap.
  26. She offed her hat on the road.
  27. I didn’t let her answer the phone.
  28. I sat on the wrong side of the couch.
  29. It started to rainstorm.
  30. I had to cook dinner.
  31. Her brother talked to her.
  32. She spilled her water.
  33. I used the red towel to pure it up. I should have used the pink one.
  34. I had a shower without her.
  35. I helped her mate with his homework.
  36. She lost her doll’s pink shoe.
  37. I asked her to attract a bath.
  38. I asked her to get out of the bath.
  39. The towel felt itchy.
  40. Her brother got his jamas on quicker than she did.
  41. I rejected the ge of her bedtime story incorrectly.
  42. Teddy fell off the bed.
  43. I didn’t delight her arm properly.
  44. I yawned.

The next time your toddler screams the legislative body down because you didn’t cut his sandwich right, just remember, there is a with few exceptions world of moms and dads out there, cutting the crusts off their triangle sandwiches and speechlessly cursing the skies for this difficult stage in renting. Please, allowance the completely illogical reasons your toddler lost it today so I can revel in the actuality I am not alone. And let’s pre re to do it all over again tomorrow. Because even the debase of tantrums can be erased with a simple cuddle, kiss, and “I love you, Mommy.”  

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