33 Flawless Outfits Jessica Alba Has Worn to the Airport


If you’re have a fondness us, your airport style consists of a ir of sweat nts (jeans if you’re sensibility ambitious) and an oversize t-shirt. If you’re like Jessica Alba, even if you’re show just that, you look put together and chic like no one else. Her sweat nts are not no more than plain and boring; they’re cuffed, are fitted in all the right places, and require interesting designs. Her t-shirts are elevated with laid-back but stylish jackets and fun doodads like hats and fashionable sneakers. But even though that’s the actress’s lodged uniform when getting on a plane, she’s not afraid to go above and beyond, step the occasional heel and leather jacket, too. Keep scrolling to see all the times Jessica’s journey style totally nailed it, and then read her best renting and handsomeness advice.

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