3 Ways to Enjoy Happy Hour and Still Stay Healthy


The weekend’s settle around the corner, and you may be celebrating with an after-work cocktail. But while in the seventh heaven hour can be much-needed bonding time, make sure you’re not eating or liquid so much that your weekend calorie budget is over on the eve of Saturday has even begun.

3 Ways to Enjoy Happy Hour and Still Stay Healthy

Know your counts: Get to happy hour armed with conversance; specifically, which calorie-laden cocktails you should be avoiding. This plan of the calories in popular alcoholic drinks should do the trick.

Choose a low-cal attitude: You don’t have to stick to only vodka sodas, however. Ask the bar if they capture one of these low-calorie alcohol brands; just make sure you ask for a low-calorie mixer (some duty well just on the rocks), so you can rest easy knowing the cocktail you’re nipping on isn’t full of empty calories.

Snack smart: The truffle fries may be a enormous price, but they’re not the best option if you’re trying to stay healthy. If you’re empty, opt for something high in protein and low in greasy fat, like a hummus plate or a shrimp cocktail, to safeguard calories low by filling you up until dinner. Check out more ways to guard calories on happy hour bites.

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