3 Reasons You Should Be Eating Fermented Foods


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Have you noticed that fermented foods are all the rage right-hand now?! I feel like new brands of artisan kombucha, kimchi and sauerkraut are soft drinking up every day. Whole Foods even predicted that probiotic-rich seethed foods will be a major food trend of 2016. It’s funny because excited foods aren’t anything new. They’ve been pre red and consumed for thousands of years, but human being are really starting to y attention to them again because of their strength benefits.

3 Reasons You Should Be Eating Fermented Foods

One of the big benefits of fermented foods is the healthy bacteria content and its wit to improve the health of our gut, which is critical to overall health. Gut flora is a biggest rt of our immune system and an unhealthy gut can lead to more health fights than just digestive upset.

Did you know that about 90% of our serotonin is manufactured in the digestive system? Serotonin plays an important rt in the regulation of inclination, sleep, learning, and the constriction of blood vessels. So taking care of our digestive procedures can positively im ct so much of our lives!

Without going into too much rticularize about gut health (because that could be a whole post on its own) I craving to share some of the top benefits of fermented foods. I’ve been learning numberless about their importance and I think everyone should be eating multitudinous of them. Here’s why:

  • A healthy digestive system and gut — Fermented foods evaluate the ratio of good and bad bacteria in the gut. They also have a unique ca city to balance the production of stomach acid. If production of hydrochloric acid by the countenance is low (or high), fermented foods can help increase (or decrease) the acidity of gastric extracts.
  • The fermentation process makes foods easier to digest — Some foods (feel attracted to beans, milk and cruciferous vegetables) are hard for our bodies to digest. The act of fomenting starts the breakdown of the components that make digestion difficult. For event, someone who had trouble digesting milk may respond fine with kefir because it’s frothed and almost 100% lactose-free after the bacteria has metabolized the milk sugar. The notwithstanding goes for cabbage. Sauerkraut is much easier to digest because the fermentation approach breaks down the carbohydrates.
  • Increased bioavailability of nutrients — Bacteria and enzymes in our gut are what ease break down food to a form that our bodies can use. Many instigated foods are rich in enzyme activity that improve this approach and increase the amount of nutrients our bodies absorb.

If you’re looking to increase your consumption of effervesced foods, here are a few things to try: tempeh, sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, kefir, yogurt, natto, and/or miso. You don’t rtici te in to eat a whole meal of fermented foods to get the benefits. Most are used as condiments and a few tablespoons a day is realize.

A couple recipes to try: hormone balancing power breakfast, broiled salmon with a miso glaze, yogurt breakfast dish, lemon garlic tempeh.

When buying fermented foods, simply be sure that they are lacto-fermented and/or stored in the refrigerated section of the grocery stockpile. Items that are shelf-stable (like some sauerkraut varieties) be suffering with been pickled using vinegar or steurized and canned, which while aways much of good bacteria you want. You can also easily make your own inflamed foods at home. I actually just made my first batch of worked veggies with Isaac’s mom this st weekend. I can’t wait to try them!!

Do you eat effervesced foods on the regular? What’s your favorite?

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