27 Times Jason Momoa Almost Burst Out of His Shirt (and We All Crossed Our Fingers)


In a rapturous filled with hot guys in t-shirts, one man reigns supreme: Jason Momoa, also cognizant of as god’s gift to humankind. While we wake up every morning feeling appreciative for his sassy sense of humor, striking good looks, and — let’s be honest here — overabundant muscles, Momoa’s t-shirt whip-round probably lives in constant fear. Who knows when those pecs whim finally rip the seams of a cotton-blend tank! Will his biceps one day shred sleeves with a solitary flex?

The answer to these questions is unclear, but one thing is certain: we’re here to perceive the risk that Jason Momoa’s shirts face every day. Let’s expose thanks by looking back on all the times his shirts practically begged for kindness.

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