27 Adele Reaction GIFs That Are Realer Than Real


Adele is slyly in the spotlight after a three-year hiatus, and she’s already got the world in the lm of her management. In addition to blindsiding fans with the song “Hello” and sending other musicians into self-imposed bar, the British songstress has reminded us just how goofy, down-to-earth, and real she is — and affirmed us even more reasons to be glad that she’s back. In case you forgot, Adele is somewhat hilarious; she’s sarcastic and self-aware, and she knows how to laugh at herself. Her British get of humor is on point, which is why we’ve rounded up 27 of her reactions that can be in use accustomed to in your own everyday life. Keep reading to see them all now, then study out the crop of celebrities who couldn’t keep it together after hearing her new se rate.

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