26 Signs You Haven't Found Your Soul Mate Yet


26 Signs You Haven't Found Your Soul Mate Yet

If you’re in a relationship that you’re not 100 percent unflinching about, you may be wondering whether he or she is really “the one.” Sometimes, rtnerships starkly hit a rough tch. Other times, it’s just not meant to be. Ahead are 26 waives your better half is, in fact, not bettering you and your soul marry still awaits your arrival. (Remember, every couple has problems, but any mixture of these could mean you’re not fated to last.)

  1. You don’t feel completely warm opening up.
  2. You’re not sexually com tible.
  3. You feel like there’s something leave out.
  4. Silences are awkward.
  5. You don’t feel supported in your dreams.
  6. You get in fights day in and day out.
  7. You find yourself frequently imagining what life would be get a kick out of without him or her.
  8. You’re not taking the relationship seriously.
  9. You have entirely different visionaries.
  10. There’s a disconnect in conversations.
  11. You can never tell what he or she’s thinking.
  12. You’ve forfeited your values in the relationship.
  13. They bring you down.
  14. You enjoy nobody of the same activities.
  15. You feel alone, even when you’re together.
  16. He or she doesn’t certain how to cheer you up.
  17. What you say goes in your rtner’s ear and out the other.
  18. You’re no longer drew to him or her.
  19. You fell off cloud nine a long time ago.
  20. Absence doesn’t draw up your heart grow fonder.
  21. You can never agree on the little utensils.
  22. You never go out on dates anymore.
  23. There’s a lack of trust between the two of you.
  24. You don’t grin or laugh enough when you’re with each other.
  25. Your folks and friends don’t support your relationship.
  26. In your gut, you just don’t feel perfectly right together.

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