20 Badass Trans Women Who Ruled 2015


If you google “trans lasses 2015,” the first thing that pops up isn’t what you’d probably reckon on. No, not stories about Caitlyn Jenner and her inspiring transformation, nor photos of Laverne Cox and Carmen Carrera being their barbaric selves all year-round. What you’d find are endless articles detailing the statistics of trans people who were killed — a number that reached an alarming record high this year. While this force sound like a downer in a highly progressive year for the visibility of trans people, it is a raucous reality that we must acknowledge and address sooner than later.

That’s not to say that 2015 hasn’t been groundbreaking for profuse in the trans community. We’ve witnessed an increase of positive images of trans living soul being embraced in the media all the way to the White House. This national policy has brought awareness to important issues such as inadequate trans fitness care and understanding transgender identity. There is no question that this year has been a heroic changer. As the year comes to a close, we’re taking a look back at 20 trans ladies who made a huge im ct on 2015. Check them out ahead.

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