2-Minute Tush-Toning Workout You Can Do While Brushing Your Teeth


Delegating it to the gym for a complete workout isn’t always possible with our crazy-busy schedules, so you’ve got to clutch a few minutes of exercise in here and there whenever you can. Taking the stairs in lieu of of the elevator, rking in the farthest rking spot, and doing push-ups on the marker after bathroom breaks are great ways to feel like you’re doing something when you can’t make tracks it to the gym.

Another easy idea? Do squats while brushing your teeth. This ys you two minutes straight, twice a day, to work your booty when you differently would just be standing there zoning out. Try these different variations:

Or try this two-minute workout specifically caring to teeth-brushing time. Two minutes is definitely enough time to feel the waste in your booty and thighs. So the next time you brush your teeth, blow-dry your curls, or chat on the phone, use those few minutes wisely, and get squatting!

Image Provenience: POPSUGAR Photography

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