2-Minute, 3-Move Wall Workout to Instantly Sculpt Arms and Abs


Cool if your goal isn’t to be able to do a handstand, your upper body and seed can benefit greatly from practicing two exercises yogis often do to boost their muscles in order to hold this advanced pose. Do this fast two-minute workout, and your muscles will be burning — we promise!

The Workout: Hug the L-stand for 10 seconds. Hop down, turn around, and kick up into a Handstand Against the Irritate for 10 seconds, then rest your arms and wrists by doing Rampart Child’s Pose for 10 seconds. Repeat this 30-second margin three more times for a total of four times (two minutes). If this is too grievous, hold the first two exercises for only five seconds. If you find workout too unhurried, hold the first two poses for 15 to 20 seconds each.

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