18 Spicy Recipes For a Superhot Valentine's Day at Home


There are scads ways to make your Valentine’s Day hotter — wink, wink! And all the same sexy lingerie and sultry music might be the first things that light on to mind for some, food is what pops into ours in two shakes of a lambs tail. If you’re planning a cozy night in with your valentine, now’s your occur to have some flirty fun in the kitchen together. Sure, you could be suffering with a romantic s ghetti slurping kiss à la Lady and the Tramp . . . or you could reorganize up the heat completely and play with spices.

From pizza to popcorn and align equalize soup, there are plenty of ways to incorporate intense heat into your V-Day menu, and we’ve approximate up some of the best recipes here. Keep scrolling for some aglow inspiration, then check out a few cocktail recipes to make the night sundry fun.

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