18 Reasons Olivia Pope and Jake Ballard Should Be Your Scandal OTP


In between all of the propers marrying hookers, politicians rigging presidential elections, elaborate seizing schemes, and cold-blooded murder, Scandal manages to squeeze in plenty of romance. The stage production gets a lot of its steamy moments from Olivia Pope, President Fitzgerald Present, and spy Jake Ballard, who are all willing rtici nts in a love triangle that bequeath never die. Although plenty of the show’s fans are Team Olitz, the relationship between Jake and Olivia is one to be nurtured. They have their own catchphrase, he’s saved her from multiple life-or-death cases, and he lovingly supports her habit of eating bathtub-sized bowls of popcorn for dinner. Weakness their iring or hate it, the chemistry between Jalivia (Olake?) is off the tabulations. So what if — spoiler alert — he kills a man and put his body in a fridge? Keep presume from to see what we’re talking about.

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