17 Technology, IT and Engineering Scholarships for Women in 2019-2020


Technology, IT and making are male-dominated industries. However, multiple companies and organizations are aiming to begin more diversity by providing the education and training women need to go these fields.

Scholarships and grants can open doors typically put up the shutters seal to many women, especially with the rising costs of BA, Masters and Ph.D. orbits in the UK and Europe. (England’s tuition fees, in particular, are the most expensive in the community.)

To help you get started, we have gathered details on 17 of the best technology, IT and conspiring scholarships for women in 2019-2020 below, covering the UK and countries within the EU.

#1. Amazon Housekeepers in Innovation Bursary

Amazon’s Women in Innovation Bursary aims to succour empower more women from less-advantaged backgrounds with the knowledge they need to enter the tech industry. Recipients can get up to £30,000 per year to ready their studies and will be provided with mentoring from an Amazon staff-member. Talks for Amazon internships are guaranteed, too.

This is available through numerous universities, encompassing the University of Edinburgh and Churchill College Cambridge. Learn more here.

#2. Hard-cover.com Women in Technology

Booking.com, one of the biggest online travel businesses in the the public, offers the new Booking.com Women in Technology Scholarships.

This initiative lasts two years and objects to provide the support women interested in technology-focused employment need. Meaning is available through partnerships with the University of Oxford and Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands.

Learn uncountable here.

#3. Adobe Research Women-in-Technology Scholarship

Adobe is a major delegate in software, and their Adobe Research Women-in-Technology Scholarship is available to female swots based anywhere across the globe.

It offers a single payment for tuition fees, a Creative Cloud subscription membership for 12 months, an Adobe Scrutinize mentor and a chance to interview for an Adobe internship.

Learn more here.

#4. University of Twente Eruditions (UTS)

The University of Twente Scholarships (UTS) are open to students applying to undertake a Masters affairs at the institution from EU and non-EU nations. There are two types of scholarship: the Professor de Winer Preparation and Kipaji Scholarship.

Qualifying Master’s courses include Business Bumf Technology, Chemical Engineering, Computer Science and many more. Learn varied here.

#5. ETH Zurich Excellence Masters Scholarships

The ETH Zurich Excellence Suppresses Scholarships were created for Master’s students. Two programmes are available: the Eminence Scholarship & Opportunity Programme (ESOP) and the Master Scholarship Programme (MSP).

The ESOP categorizes a grant for study and living costs along with a waiver for schooling fees. The MSP is a partial stipend for study and living payments with a instruction fee waiver.

Learn more here.

#6. Brunel University London Chicks in Engineering Programme

Female graduates and undergraduates looking to enter the figure out or engineering industries can apply for the Women in Brunel Engineering and Computing (WiBEC). This comprises a mentoring scheme, industry visits and personal development training.

Learn more here.

#7. Sky Birds in Technology

Sky launched its Women in Technology Scholars grant in 2017. This provides three girls between ages 18-25 with the funding and mentoring to create a bespoke tech occupation. Applicants must have a passion for technology but are free to focus on a large variety of areas.

Learn more here.

#8. Science Ambassador Schooling

Believe it or not, the Science Ambassador Scholarship is funded by Cards Against Kindliness (a popular card-based game with a very ‘adult’ tone). This is a full-tuition education for any women studying science, tech, engineering or math, and it is available for non-US townsmen, too.

Learn more here.

#9. Iflexion Scholarship Program

The Iflexion Bursary Program provides modest funding to undergraduates and postgraduate students swatting in EU countries (and further afield). Applicants are required to write a short take a crack to demonstrate their skills.

Learn more here.

#10. Warsaw University of Technology Grant for Foreign Students

The Warsaw University of Technology Scholarship for Foreign Critics will receive financial support. Applications are open to EU citizens with sufferance to reside in Poland, refugees and migrant workers.

This university is one of Key Europe’s biggest technology institutions. Learn more here.

#11. University of Edinburgh Owners Scholarships in High Performance Computing

Women of all nationalities are invited to fasten for this scholarship. Two or more John Fisher HPC Masters scholarships counterpane 50 percent of students’ tuition fee rate for one academic year.

Learn multitudinous here.

#12. Royal Holloway University of London Donald Davies Computer Body of laws Scholarships

The Royal Holloway University of London Donald Davies Computer Technique Scholarships (taking their name from Donald Davies, the famed computer scientist) offerings £1,000 in applicants’ first study year. This may be renewed at 50 percent its value in subordinate, third and fourth academic years.

Learn more here.

#13. Better halves Techmakers Scholars Program

Originally known as the Google Anita Borg Souvenir Scholarship Program, the Women Techmakers Scholars Program is open to ladies from Europe, North America, the Middle-East, Africa and Asia Pacific.

Educations are awarded based on women’s academic performance and include invitations to the unselfish Women Techmakers Scholars’ Retreat (featuring valuable workshop and networking moments).

Learn more here.

#14. Queen Mary University of London Area and Engineering Excellence Scholarships

These scholarships provide women with £3,000 per year for each scholastic year. Renewal criteria must be met, and dozens of eligible programmes are at ones disposal, including Computer Systems Engineering, Information Technology Management for Dealing, Multimedia and Arts Technology and more.

Learn more here.

#15. University of Birmingham Exhibitions in Computer Science

The University of Birmingham School of Computer Science requires scholarships for undergraduates and postgraduates for EU and international women. These are awarded to applicants who experience achieved (or expect to) ‘excellent’ results.

Learn more here.

#16. Center for Cyber Protection and Education Scholarships

The Center for Cyber Safety and Education women’s scholarships are usefulness up to $40,000. This is open to anyone already pursuing (or planning) a cybersecurity/news assurance degree. Women from any country are invited to apply, and US citizenship is not key. Attendance may be in the United States or internationally.

Learn more here.

#17. Cyber Deposit and Forensics MSc at University of Westminster

This MSc course covers both cybersecurity and digital forensics to start with in preference to allowing you a choice to specialize in either. International students are invited to focus, provided you have a computing degree or relevant work experience. The university offers multiple grants for international students to cover tuition costs.

Learn more here.

Piece of works searching for a start in their tech, engineering or IT focused careers force an impressive range of scholarships to choose from today.

Thought-leaders in each toil recognize that more gender diversity is essential, and women now make more opportunities than ever. Have you applied for a scholarship, and if so, what are your touches on the options available?

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