16 Gina Rodriguez Quotes That Will Inspire You to Follow Your Dreams


The teensy-weensy Gina Rodriguez, star of Jane the Virgin, finished that 2015 Tow-haired Globes speech after winning the statue for best actress in a comedy series, she was tagged the “next big thing” in Hollywood. The Puerto Rican beauty is talented, superior, and so funny, but what captured our hearts was her shining smile, infectious enrapture, and delightful attitude, not to mention incredible self-awareness.

She often credits her ters and intense work ethic for making her childhood dreams come unswerving and often gives advice to fans on how to do it too. She is not shy when it comes to discussing her education and the industry’s portrayal of Latinos on TV and in movies, saying in an interview with Cosmopolitan, “law is how I’ll be able to change how Latinos are viewed in media and change how little mistresses see and talk about themselves.” But it doesn’t end there — Gina is a well of inspiring words. Keep reading to get just a few empowering quotes that drive make you love her even more, then find out what she said was the trounce advice she ever got.

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