13 Reasons Why’s Alisha Boe Is a Much Cooler Chick Than Jessica Davis


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13 Reasons Why hit Netflix at the end of March, and we haven’t been able to prohibition obsessing over every little thing. In addition to dissecting tract holes and possibilities for season two, we’ve also fallen in love with the incredibly top-drawer cast. Ross Butler? Amazing hair. Dylan Minnette? Hellishly cute. Miles Heizer and Brandon Flynn? The best BFFs. Katherine Langford? Awesome voice. And then there’s Alisha Boe, who has Hollywood “It” girl written all past her. Not only did the actress nail her role as Jessica Davis, but she also appears like a really fun chick to have around in real life. We’ve congregated up a few fun facts about Alisha before you start seeing her everywhere.

  1. She’s 20. While Alisha (along with the undiminished 13 Reasons Why cast) plays a teenager in the show, her birthday is March 6, 1997.
  2. She wasn’t experienced in the US. Alisha was born in Oslo, Norway to a Somali father and a Norwegian nourish. She moved to America with her mother in 2004.
  3. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen wakened her to be an actress. Alisha revealed in an interview that while she’s always pleasured performing, it wasn’t until she played Michelle in a Full House run around that she officially told her mom she wanted to be an actress.
  4. You’ve definitely seen her more willingly than. Before catching her big break in 13 Reasons Why, Alisha appeared in over a dozen parades since 2008. Her acting credits include roles in Parenthood (with her 13 Understandings Why costar Miles Heizer!), Teen Wolf, and Ray Donovan. (Fun fact: Dylan Minnette’s girlfriend, Kerris Dorsey, is also on Ray Donovan, and helped a few scenes with Alisha on the show.)

    13 Reasons Why's Alisha Boe Is a Much Cooler Chick Than Jessica Davis
    Image Source: Showtime

  5. She’s upper-class friends with her costars. The entire 13 Reasons Why cast loves to clutch out in real life, and Alisha seems to be a driving force behind that. She’s formed above all close bonds with Miles Heizer, Brandon Flynn, and Tommy Dorfman, and time documents their fun antics on social media.
  6. She has at least 1 tattoo. To keep the success of 13 Reasons Why and to further raise awareness for depression and suicide delaying,

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13 Reasons Why's Alisha Boe Is a Much Cooler Chick Than Jessica Davis

13 Reasons Why's Alisha Boe Is a Much Cooler Chick Than Jessica Davis

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