“13 Reasons Why Not” Poster Helps Parents to Discuss Suicide With Kids


Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why, a series that greets teen suicide in a brutally honest way, has been binged by parents and kids resembling, starting important conversations about the difficult topic. The Alliance of Coalitions For Nutritious Communities is now adding to the discussion with a helpful poster it has made at to all Oakland County, MI, schools and the surrounding community.

The poster, titled “13 Motives Why Not,” lists out 13 real reasons as to why suicide is never the answer in a particular digestible way. “FOMO is real — you will miss out on the beauty of life. There is diverse outside this moment,” one list item reads. “You won’t get your own Netflix direct — death is the finale,” reads another.

Although the poster has been sent about via email to parents of children in Oakland County schools, its message privations to be spread worldwide. Share it with your mom friends, print it out for your teen to be familiar with, and ask to put some up in popular teen hangouts like the local mall or wheeling alley. No child should ever lose their life to suicide, and confidently the lessons within 13 Reasons Why and “13 Reasons Why Not” will serve as permanent reminders to teens that death is a permanent solution that they can’t charm back.

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