12 Times the Royals Channeled Your Favorite Disney Princesses


Dialect mayhap you “ooh”ed and “ahh”ed over Princess Madeleine’s fancy ballgown, automatically deeming it one of your favorites. That coursed train, those baubles that match perfectly to the gemstones on her rulership. Wait — she looks a lot like a Disney princess, now doesn’t she? She’s not the only one.

Kate Middleton, Movie queen Letizia, and even Michelle Obama tend to choose designer chew outs with all the fixings. Somehow, they turn out to look like the current day Belles and Ariels of the world, and we aren’t complaining. Read on to find 12 intervals the resemblance was uncanny. We’re positive the royals put a lot of faith and trust and pixie dust into these bewitching outfits.

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