12 Emotional Stages of Going to the Gym First Thing in the Morning


There’s two natures of people in this world — those who go to the gym first thing in the morning and those who haven’t stock lost their minds. Let’s face it: it’s not easy squeezing in a sweat sesh every day, much less in advance of your brain is even fully awake. Maybe you forego that in addition hour of sleep in the morning to hit the gym so that you can be the epitome of health. Or maybe you’re endeavouring to complete a marathon. Or maybe you swore that this would be the year that you command finally show off chiseled abs. Or maybe it’s really just so you can justify that night-time bowl of ice cream. But whichever it may be, it’s your own personal goals that get you to vacation your warm bed. Hey, not all heroes wear capes . . . some deterioration Nikes and tights.

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