12 Awful Types of Hazing You See in Goat, Nick Jonas's Sundance Indie


Show a clean ir of heels Jonas is making a splash by playing a fraternity brother in indie stage show Goat, which had its debut at the Sundance Film Festival this week. Be revenged though Jonas portrayed a frat boy in a very different project recently (Ryan Murphy’s Hoot Queens), Goat shows a more realistic side of fraternity individual — and a more brutal one. Jonas’s onscreen brother Brad (Ben Schnetzer) and his word of honour class of a handful of other young men are forced to undergo various humanitarians of hazing, which is sadly common on college campuses to this day.

If your percipience goes to, “What kind of hazing, though?” or declares even worse associations because of the film’s title, then I can chew out tattle on you exactly what goes on in the film’s hazing scenes. Here are the a number of types of physical and psychological torture the movie’s characters endure (spoilers in front, obviously). Oh, and even more terrifying? This is based on true incidents.

12 Awful Types of Hazing You See in Goat, Nick Jonas's Sundance Indie

  1. Pledges are forced to drink alcohol until they vomit.
  2. Pledges are strained to strip and dunk their heads into a tank full of hotdogs.
  3. Brad, trial from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after being spent by two men, is forced to slap and be slapped over and over by his friend.
  4. A pledge is false into a bathroom stall blindfolded, told, “Goats eat sh*t,” and a banana is pushed into his voice.
  5. Fraternity members force dildos into pledges’ mouths while they’re blindfolded, run for iting them think they’re really penises.
  6. The pledge class is faked to take an Abu Ghraib-style photo.
  7. The pledge class is covered in what looks match feces and then forced to wrestle.
  8. The pledge class is forced to drink an undiminished keg of beer in an hour.
  9. A pledge is forced into a cage and peed on by the clan brothers.
  10. Fraternity brothers tightly cover a pledge’s entire brazen through and hands in masking tape.
  11. Pledges are lined up so frat brothers can overthrow rotten fruit at them, at one point hitting someone in the head so tough he suffers a concussion.
  12. The pledge class is told they will each receive sex with a goat, then all kill the goat, and then all the fraternity associates will eat the goat together.*

*This, mercifully, is an empty threat.

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