12 Actors Who Have Bared All on Screen


It seems that manful nudity makes both women and men uncomfortable, but we barely bat an eyelash when we see unprotected women in films (or on TV). And it’s no wonder we’re desensitized to female nudity: it’s practically a even occurrence on the big screen, while we rarely get a chance to squirm in our seats at the eyesight of an undressed man.

But there are some exceptions. For instance, there’s no gender aestheticism in Shame, which showcases Michael Fassbender wearing nothing but a beam several times as he strips down to play a sex addict. Here are some other virile actors who are doing their rt to stop the bias against manly nudity by showing off, well, their rts! These 12 mainstream actors maintain gone full frontal on the big screen, including Ben Affleck, who joins the beat with his revealing Gone Girl scene. You might find a few talkies to add to your Netflix queue.

— Additional reporting by Tara Block


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