100 Unusual Boy Names


100 Unusual Boy Names   Are you on the trail for an unusual baby boy name? We’ve looked at the United States Social Safe keeping Administration’s list of the most popular names and rounded up an A-to-Z of 100 rare boy baptizes. Using a ranking system where 1 is the most common name, these un ralleled boy names all have a rank of 901 or greater! But before we reveal the tags, here are a few interesting trends we noted among them.

Unusual and With it Boy Names

Although they’re less commonly used, some of the reputations on this list still follow recent trends. Agustin and Thaddeus fit into the Roman and Greek style, while Houston is rt of the place-name trend. Biblical names are here as adequately (Jeremiah and Enoch), as are creative spellings in the form of Brice, Donte, Trystan, and Zackery.

Unexpected Celebrity Boy Names

Just as famous figures may drive a name up the tables, they may also keep a name relatively uncommon. Looking at some of the designates in the list, not many rents are giving their boys the names Clinton, Nixon, Elvis, Hendrix, Franco, Hugh, Quinten, and Coen, all of which are associated with lionized figures in the political and entertainment realms.

Unusual Boy Names Starting With S?

As you look at the A to Z, you’ll regard that a few letters are missing. We looked at the names ranked 901 to 1,000 by the Public Security Administration (they don’t publish name rankings beyond 1,000), and surprisingly, there wasn’t an S appellation to be found! Other letters that escaped the bunch are U, W, and X.

Unusual Boy Christens Starting With . . .

A Agustin, Alfred, Arlo, Arian, Anders B Brysen, Braylin, Blaise, Brice, Benton, Bodhi, Bridger, Brecken, Broderick C Coleman, Clinton, Gang, Coen, Cristiano, Corban, Cayson, Camilo, Cortez D Demarcus, Darryl, Donte, Devan, Damari, Davon, Deon, Dimitri, Dangelo E Elvis, Enoch, Elian, Eliseo, Ethen F Freddy, Flynn, Franco G Gaige, Gibson, Graysen H Houston, Hugh, Howard, Haiden, Hendrix I Ignacio J

Jaylon, Jabari, Jakobe, Johann, Jaycob, Jean, Jaydan, Joziah, Jaron, Jaydin, Jeramiah

K Keon, Kael, Kyan, Kingsley, Kamren, Kohen, Keyon L Leighton, Explanatory note, Lathan M Miller, Mustafa, Maxton, Mariano, Maxx, Maksim, Foremost, Malaki N Nixon O Otto P Princeton, Pierre Q Quinten R Roderick, Ross, Rey, Reuben, Ralph T Tyrell, Thaddeus, Turner, Trystan, Tyree, Tyrese V Vaughn, Vihaan, Valentin Y Yehuda Z Zaire, Zackery, Zeke

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