10 Tips For Photographing Your Baby in the Hospital


Newborn’s here — now capture all the details of the day before you forget them! Though a delivering mama doesn’t exigency another thing to worry about, ensuring that her lil one’s arrival is photographed is many times at the top on her list. I asked mom and photographer Jennifer Little, founder of Fort Collins, CO-based Sugar Photography (no bearing), to provide us with her best hospital photography tips. She said:

“My whisper suppress, Ryan, was able to capture these special moments for us, but he warns of the defiance, ‘Playing the role of photographer, husband, father, and in some for fear of the facts, new father can present huge challenges while trying to capture eternal images of some of the most important moments of your life. Forgive that while your emotions will be up and down like a comber coaster, you can still capture those precious moments. In my case, there were times I couldn’t despite see through the viewfinder due to the swelling of tears, but in between all of the excitement and chaos, you can click away. It is effective that the photos not necessarily be perfect, but that they capture your angle of seeing your baby for the first time.’ If you are able to enlist a professional, do so, because the two of you will be able to [better] focus on your new advent.”

Keep reading for her 10 must-take photo ops in the hospital.

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