10 Pictures That Prove Rain Makes Weddings More Romantic


If there’s one matter that gets brides nicky before their big day, it’s less-than-stellar climate ailing. And three years ago I had my own very rainy LA wedding. I never dreamed our nuptials would be poured on — like, cats and dogs poured on — especially inasmuch as it was sunny and beautiful in the weeks leading up to and following our one soggy day. But no matter how indeed you plan your big day, you can’t control the weather; you just have to make the most successfully of it! After all, besides my linen wedding dress and suede shoes being a bad stance, there was nothing a little rearranging and a lot of umbrellas couldn’t fix.

We have some garbage dumps for keeping your guests warm and dry at a Fall or Winter wedding, but aside from the practicalities, there is just something romantic about a rainy big day. Boarders will tell you that rain on your wedding day is good good fortune, and while I don’t know if that’s actually true, the atmosphere and “we’re just present to have to roll with this” attitude does make for some fun, smashing photos. To prove my point, I’m sharing romantic rainy-day wedding pics that ordain have you singing “rain, rain, don’t go away!”

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